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Simplify Your Bowling Release

If you are trying to improve your game, there is one simple strategy to develop an easy release and delivery motion.

The legendary Earl Anthony (the first bowler in history to reach 40 professional tour titles) often gave this key release tip to his pro-am partners: “Let your hand follow your ball toward your target.”

When your bowling ball exits your hand at the moment of release, allow your hand to continue moving toward your target down lane following the ball path. Ideally, the inside of your elbow should pass by your hip and the front part of your elbow facing the pins at the moment of release.

Your bowling fingers should rotate slightly, perhaps only an inch, from being directly positioned behind your bowling ball. This rotation of bowling fingers happens after your thumb exits the ball and does so without your entire arm rotating.

The bowling fingers rotating only about one inch will create enough bowling ball axis tilt to avoid rolling your ball over the gripping holes and will produce a positive hooking motion.

Once the ball leaves your hand, follow through in the same direction as the ball travels along your target path. Prevent your bowling elbow from rotating over the top of your bowling hand. Keep your elbow and bowling hand in line with one another and tucked closely to your body on your forward swing.

The forward swing continuing motion after the release, known as the follow-through, should also maintain a target path orientation. Hold your form until the ball passes your sighting target.

Follow these simple tips and make your swing and delivery consistent and effective.