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Sharpen Your Eyes On Your Bowling Mark

If you are an experienced bowler and use the targeting arrows beyond the foul line as your sighting spot, then make certain you strive to sharpen your eyes on your bowling mark.

Since you already know that spot bowling refers to the process of using the guides or arrows on the lane as primary sighting marks, then you should also know it is important to stay focused on your mark while walking on the approach to deliver your ball.

Regardless if you choose to align with a spot only six feet beyond the foul line by using the embedded guides in the lane surface as a spot on the lane or the more commonly used arrows about 15 feet beyond the foul line, keeping a keen eye on your spot is essential for accuracy and for knowing if your bowling ball is traveling along the intended delivery path.

If you are a bowler using the break point two-thirds the way down the lane as your sighting mark, you risk not seeing the ball travel on the front portion of the lane. No question that placing emphasis on your given spot each shot you make is an important key to accuracy.

Some visual flexibility is needed when you shift your spot on the lane due laterally or up and down the lane to compensate for changing lane conditions. Usually a change in your mark necessitates a change in your stance position on the approach or a new point of focus.

When you change your stance position and your sighting mark, the new alignment can have a visual effect changing your perception of the lane.

Once you have made a choice where you wish to sight on the lane, zoom in with your visual focus while you are walking and delivering your ball.

Avoid becoming a bowler who “feels uncomfortable” playing angles away from the 2nd or 3rd arrows if the lane calls for a wide angle or a narrow angle delivery to the break point.

If you must play the 4th arrow or 1st arrow, as examples, once you have chosen your mark on the lane, make that your priority to deliver your ball on the intended path to the mark and continue watching your ball travel its entire path down the lane.

Accuracy starts with choosing an appropriate spot on the lane and delivering your ball over the mark as often as possible.

If you are so focused on your physical game and find you are taking your eyes off of your mark, then double your efforts to watch the mark while releasing your ball.

Avoid sacrificing accuracy because you take your eyes off of your mark. If you continue having challenges watching your ball travel through the area of the lane where your sighting mark is located, then we recommend using the services of an experienced bowling instructor to monitor your process and help you gain the habit of “keeping your eyes on the ball.”