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Senior Bowler Self Coaching Strategy

Senior bowlers are generally thought of as people 50 years of age or higher. The truth is that the new senior bowler is closer to 65 than to 50.

There are so many talented and able players 50 - 65 years of age today than ever before.

A combination of easy scoring lane conditions and modern bowling balls has allowed bowlers in their 60’s and beyond to maintain high averages and in many cases, higher averages than they carried thirty years prior.

If you are a senior bowler (50+) who has bowled for many years and if you carry a respectable average, then a good strategy for improvement is to not make wholesale changes to your game.

Use your game strengths to your advantage and consider making fine tune changes if you wish to alter any of your current techniques.

Unless you are under the guidance or supervision of an experienced coach, “tweak” your game instead of overhauling it.

Major game changes can work adversely unless you install proven techniques and are monitored by a coach with a keen eye for implementing these changes.

Minor adjustments to your game can be done without a coach and will be easier and quicker to install.

As examples, if you want to increase your ball speed, strive to gain a modest increase to avoid losing accuracy.

If you wish to hasten the pace of your steps so you can pick up speed, you can count cadence while walking to make sure you are not walking more slowly than you intend.

If you want to change your release technique, avoid making any major delivery and look instead to staying behind your bowling ball longer before rotating your fingers.

Resist the urge to make big changes unless you use the services of an experienced bowling instructor and you develop a sensible practice plan.

It is surprising how often a bowling ball change can help you overcome a poor ball reaction.

If you can afford to invest in a new bowling ball occasionally, you can add a different ball reaction capability to your arsenal.

It is also possible to improve your percentage of pocket hits by expanding your lane play knowledge and adjustment strategies.

Simple changes and minor adjustments to your game can pay off with improved scoring.