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Sean Rash Joins PBA's Exclusive Double-Digit Titles Club


Back-to-back victories in the PBA Fall Swing Badger Open and Detroit Open for his 10th and 11th career titles made Sean Rash the 51st player in PBA
history to win at least 10 PBA Tour titles.

Of the 51, 42 are already members of the PBA Hall of Fame. The others who are title-eligible for PBA Hall of Fame consideration are Chris Barnes, Tommy Jones, Mika Koivuniemi, Patrick Allen, Jason Belmonte, Bryan Goebel, Steve Hoskins, Wes Malott and Rash.

Of those with at least 10 titles, only Goebel and Hoskins are currently eligible based on the second criteria, which is a minimum 20 years of PBA membership. Assuming the following players maintain their memberships, Barnes (18 titles) will become eligible for PBA Hall of Fame consideration in 2018, Allen (13) and Koivuniemi (15) in 2019, Jones (17) in
2020, Malott (10) in 2021, Rash (11) in
2025, and Belmonte (12) in 2028.

If a player doesn’t meet the 10 title minimum requirement for eligibility, the alternative is five standard PBA Tour titles plus two majors. Mike
Scroggins (eight titles including two majors) is membership-eligible and title-eligible under the alternate criteria (for the record, Rash, Barnes, Jones, Koivuniemi, Allen and Belmonte also have won at least two majors among their total titles).
When a player achieves both title and years of
membership requirements, he is automatically put on the PBA Hall of Fame ballot. Scroggins, Goebel and Hoskins are currently on the PBA Hall of Fame ballot, which requires a candidate to receive votes on at least two-thirds of ballots cast for election to the hall of fame. Voters include existing PBA Hall of Famers and a panel of veteran bowling writers and industry leaders.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.