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Samantha Roberts is perfect at Florida State USBC Youth Championships

Samantha Roberts, Port Orange, Florida, was just 7 years old in 2002 when she made her debut in the Florida State USBC Youth Championship Tournament, in Ocala, Florida. That was the same year the very first female youth, Amanda Wiseman, bowled a perfect 300 game in the prestigious tournament.

Flash forward seven years, and now Samantha has followed in Amanda’s footsteps as the second female youth to reach perfection in the 2009 Florida State USBC Youth Championship Tournament currently being held in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

In addition to being the youngest female, at 14 years old, to bowl a 300 in the state tournament, Samantha and Amanda were both products of the East Volusia-Flagler County USBC Youth Association.

Samantha says she was sipping water and eating M&M’s while talking with her coaches about different things during the game. They were trying to distract her so she would not get nervous. “I knew I had a chance to get it, but I didn’t want to get excited and ruin my chance. My heart was really racing when I went up to bowl the tenth frame. My dad told me before every frame to stay aggressive.”

Don Roberts, Samantha’s father and coach, said, “Every shot was dead in the pocket, no mistake. She really surprised all of us with her composure, especially in the tenth frame.”

“I’m so glad my coaches and my mom and dad were there to see it. I especially want to thank my parents for getting me that new Ultra Zone…it’s awesome! Mike Seymour at Ormond Pro Shop drilled up a great ball for me.”

Samantha went into the tournament with a 152 average, and bowled 548 in doubles, 665 in singles (including the 300 game), and 540 in team event, for a 1753 all events total.