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Roto Grip January Releases


Before I get to the Roto Grip story, remember a few years back when their sister company Storm created the IQ Tour Fusion? Yeah, where they mashed that solid IQ Tour Edition and the IQ Tour Pearl and created that Fusion? Yeah, that one. Well Storm’s sister of Roto Grip is jumping on the bandwagon, of creating one of their most successful lines of bowling balls ever and giving bowlers the best of both worlds. They also are continuing on with a trend in the entry performance line that is sure going to toughen up the competition when those lanes get drier.

Roto Grip is bringing back, once again, the Cell series with the all new Hyper Cell Fused. With the very popular Nucleus core wrapped the eTrax-H18 Hybrid Reactive cover, this ball is going to open up the backend and will get down lane with ease on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. This is the first hybrid cover released in Roto Grip’s HP4 line in quite some time. I’m one who thought we should’ve seen a No Rules hybrid as the third release in the No Rules series but got another solid. But finally getting a hybrid for the Cell line is long overdue and anxiously awaited. This is going to be a ball both one-handed and two-handed bowlers will love. Finished at 1500 Grit Polished, this ball will be a very versatile piece, and be eye candy on the shelves in that jet black and violet color scheme in pro shops January 12th.

Bowlers and all Roto Grip fans alike are always looking to be tougher on the lanes deep into tournament blocks or a league night, and once again Roto Grip is offering a brand new Hustle HYB. With the popular Hustle Symmetric core returning, it brings the VTC-H18 Hybrid Reactive coverstock. Finished at 3000 Grit Pad, this ball finished at a black and blue color scheme will be a great ball for you when the lanes are fried, and you need a ball tough enough to carry you through to the bitter end, and carry some well deserved corner pins.

It’s pretty good actually to see Roto Grip release two new hybrids to begin their 2018 calendar year, because for the one-handed bowlers it means you’re more than likely going to see a brand new solid cover bowling ball release just in time for the summer leagues to begin, and that means a new bowling ball for you to buy.

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