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Robinson's 25th GLC Anniversary is Around the Corner

Robinson’s 25th GLC Anniversary is Around the Corner

Golden Ladies Classic rolls March 23-26

by Jim Goodwin

When Jeanette Robinson started her Golden Ladies Classic Tournament at the old Showboat Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center back in 1991, we knew instantly it would be successful and long lasting.

What we did not know for sure is that Jeanette would still be the driving force behind the event in 2015. The unflappable Mrs. Robinson was a very energetic 61 years young in '91 - and today, she probably has only 98% of the energy she had then . . . but somehow our vibrant and beautiful friend manages to get by with a little help from her thousands of bowling friends and her loving and supportive husband Dick Porter.

CJ and I don't travel much anymore, but if we had to walk from Texas to Las Vegas, there is no way we would miss celebrating this important milestone with Jeanette & Dick and all of the ladies who will no doubt make it even more special than the first 24 GLC events.

We are hearing that Mike Kaufman, Bob McVey and their Orleans staff are going the extra mile in making this 25th Annual GLC the best ever, not only because it is the Silver Anniversary, but as a very special tribute to the woman who has given her all to The Orleans and to Bowling for her entire amazing life.

We became friends with Jeanette long before that first GLC, and our friendship has grown stronger over the years. Today, we are family, and there is virtually nothing we will not do to encourage others to support anything Jeanette is involved in. She has given so much to bowling that it is impossible to ever reward her enough. Jeanette is one of those rare people who looks for the good in everyone. She is the very definition of the eternal optimist; a person who avoids judgment and is quick to forgive. She always seems to be the first in line when congratulations are in order; and the last to criticize. When she smiles, you can feel the sincerity. Her whole face lights up, and her eyes twinkle like wishing stars. It is impossible to be down about anything when in her presence.

For all she has done for bowling, we con- sider Jeanette Robinson Bowling's First Lady. As a professional bowler, she had game, winning two professional titles; but above that she served as President of the Professional Women's Bowling Association for ten years. And those were the days of the first generation PWBA when the players ran the organization . . . it wasn't glamorous; it was hard work, perseverance and dedication. And Robinson put in long hours and countless miles, all while raising four children.

She continued to support the tour during its LPBT days and beyond, and she is thrilled to see a new PWBA returning this year. Her efforts were recognized when she was inducted into the Professional Women's Bowling Hall of Fame. She is also a member of the USBC Hall and the World Coaches Hall of Fame.

She often says that coaching is her first love; and it goes all the way back to her early days in Michigan where the great Marion Ladewig personally encouraged her to join the fledgling PWBA.

When her touring days were over, she decided to settle down in a city she visited often as a bowler; and when the Las Vegas Showboat asked her to come aboard as their house pro, it was a match made in heaven. She loves the city, especially because there is so much bowling activity, she has been able to see many of her friends over the years.

When The Boat closed many years ago, The Orleans was fortunate to land Jeanette for their staff; and she continued the good work of adding league bowlers and coaching hundreds of students of all abilities; not to mention her role as perhaps the best ambassador bowling has ever had.

It just so happens that Stars & Strikes is also celebrating its 25th year in 2015, and we can't imagine being in better company than Jeanette and Dick, and all of the great folks in Las Vegas.

It's going to be one whale of a party.

Article was posted with Permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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