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Revive Your Enthusiasm For Bowling

If you find yourself getting a stale or a “no-fun” feeling toward bowling, try mixing up your bowling routine. If you have bowled for many years and in the same leagues, practice on the same days and in the same bowling centers, then perhaps it is time for a change.

As a league bowler or a multiple league bowler, you may need a change in the competitive level of your league so your immediate environment changes. If your league is highly competitive and you are no longer enjoying the aspects of intense competition, then find an alternative league next season and bowl where there are new faces and new levels of spirit with fellow league bowlers and teammates.

It is certainly common that bowlers tend to have the same teammates year in and year out. Maybe it is time to find a new team or form your own team and bowl with and around new faces to invigorate your interest in the game.

If your game is not improving and you feel stuck in a bowling rut, then set out to find a new routine. Practice on keys to your game which will guarantee improvement and yield overall higher scores. Maybe purchasing a new bowling ball will peak your interests if you have not done so in quite a long time.

Many bowlers simply do not enjoy practicing. If you are one of these bowlers, then find new competitions to bowl in such as amateur tournaments, either handicap or scratch. If tournaments are not your thing find a new bowling center to bowl at, or maybe at least one new league. Any changes in scenery can help you renew interest in the game.

Many bowlers do enjoy practice bowling. If you practice the same things all the time, then practice becomes boring and overly commonplace. Whenever you get a chance, it is a good idea to practice with a friend. In fact, if you are not already doing so, practice with a good bowler or perhaps with a league teammate, all the better.

Feeling can be misleading during practice. You think you are doing one thing but in reality, it is another. This is where having a friend watch you roll a shot can help you make sure your game is in the groove.

It is also a good idea to try and practice on a pair of lanes instead of only one lane. Avoid “rapid fire shots” and learn to pace your deliveries.

Bowling in friendly competition can sometimes help keep you sharp. Some bowlers will wager small amounts or bowl strictly for bragging rights to remain competitive and to feel some form of pressure when making key shots.

If you still are feeling bored with the game and in that proverbial rut, then try using new accessories such as a wrist support device, if you do not already wear one when bowling.

Using a wrist support will change your release and will necessitate an adjustment to your delivery style, and to your alignment on the lanes. Anything to changing your feel will force you to pay attention to new details just might help your game improve and raise your interest.

Finally, if you live in a metropolitan area where the pro’s come to bowl, head over to the bowling center and watch them perform. Sometimes seeing the best talent in person as opposed to on television will give you a boost of interest in the game and might motivate you to work on one or two aspects of your game which have been ignored over the years.

In the right setting and environment, your enthusiasm for bowling can return. You just need to find the catalysts which will trigger renewed interest in the game.