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Rest Before Bowling

There are several reasons why getting some rest before bowling can help your performance. If you are preparing for competition, getting a short rest where you get off of your feet and close your eyes can be beneficial to your game.

Although bowling is not a highly physical sport, where a great deal of energy is expended by bowling a few games, it can be taxing on your mind and emotions if you are competing for prizes.

Anytime a bowler places emphasis on performance in competition, the mental energy drain can become fatiguing. To combat fatigue, getting a little rest in a quiet environment before stepping into the bowling arena of competition can be just what the “doctor ordered.”

Feeling fresh and alert is key to giving yourself the best chance at achieving an optimum performance. Maintaining good rhythm and a clear focus on your physical game and on playing the lanes properly requires being alert and being ready to deliver quality shots.

Rest can also help reduce bowling tension before and during competition. If you are prone to getting too excited in competitive situations, try resting for a few minutes before you arrive at the bowling center.

You do not have to be a pro bowler to prepare for competition by resting your body and your mind. If you do not have sufficient time to nap or lie down in a quite place before heading over to the bowling center, try using some short-term techniques to relax and refresh your mind and body.

If you have found yourself more than a little nervous or anxious when facing pressure bowling situations, take a few moments to breathe slowly in and out and release tension.

Understand that you can deal with pressure during competition by also focusing on your specific physical game keys to good shot making. Placing emphasis on playing the lanes and making good adjustments, when needed, can replace mounting anxiety in competition.

Controlled breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly, will certainly steady your nerves and help you keep the good tempo which helps you bowl your best.

Good bowling performances come from being well practiced, being mentally prepared for competition, and being rested and ready to face the challenges that pressure confronts you with during the “heat of battle.”

So if you get a chance to rest before bowling, treat yourself to “taking five” before stepping onto the lanes. Your chances of gaining good performances improve when you are rested and ready to bowl.