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Remain Stationary When Delivering Your Bowling Ball

You have heard the phrase, "don’t raise up" when releasing your bowling ball. Well, staying in place is a good tip to reduce a number of errant deliveries.

Don’t peek before you let your bowling ball go. Resist the urge to look up at the pins.

Instead, wait and be patient until your ball is gone off of your hand before moving your head and shoulders up and out of your finishing form.

You will maintain good posture and balance if you stay down on your shot.

Avoid any sudden movements during the critical moment when delivering your bowling ball.

A reason bowlers make inaccurate deliveries is trying to help the ball by lunging with their upper body just prior to letting go of the ball.

Try and visualize a false ceiling which grazes the top of your head when you are entering your sliding step. Avoid raising your head and thrusting your legs upward as to bounce your head into this ceiling while releasing your ball.

Remaining at a constant elevation entering your slide step and when delivering your bowling ball is an important concept in good shot making.

Another visualization would be to imagine a plane of window glass running straight up from the foul line perpendicular to the floor. Avoid thrusting your head and shoulders forward while releasing your ball and smashing your head into the plane of glass.

Of course, your follow-through swing motion will extend beyond the foul line, but this image of glass can help you to avoid leaning too far forward. You don't want your upper body ahead of your sliding knee when delivering your bowling ball, it may cause you to lose balance and leverage.

Keeping your head and shoulders as motionless as possible and avoiding raising up on the shot, or leaning too far beyond the foul line during the critical forward swing cycle, is extremely important in making accurate deliveries.