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Regulate Your Bowling Aim Time

By:, 2/1/16

If you are one of the top players in your town or perhaps in the country and if you bowl fairly often in tournaments as well as leagues, you likely should make sure to regulate your bowling aim time.

One of the kill factors when bowling poorly is aim time, not setting and adhering to a normal pre-shot routine.

If you catch yourself aiming too long and trying to be so precise with your shotmaking, you are likely forcing things to happen and the chances of bowling your way out of a slump period are reduced.

Avoid trying to be extremely meticulous and a perfectionist who is overly methodical when preparing to bowl.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being repetitive in preparation to bowl. However, getting out of your routine and changing your rhythm when setting up on the approach can alter your free flowing movements when you do begin to bowl.

Avoid trying to get the perfect feel and thinking about how you intend to make your shot when taking your stance position on the approach. Taking a varying amount of time from shot to shot may result in inconsistent movement when you bowl.

By bowling too quickly or taking prolonged time aiming before you bowl are both factors which can adversely affect continuity in shotmaking.

One way to help you regulate your aim time is to make your alignment, adjustment, and release decisions before stepping onto the approach.

Between shots, think about what you intend to do and then commit to your decisions. Be ready to bowl and avoid excessive aim time trying to make the perfect shot.

If you tend to be a slower player, then holding a heavy bowling ball longer than usual when aiming at your sighting target will likely cause your arm, neck and shoulder muscles to tense.

When you bowl your best, you typically feel a rhythm and flow to your game. Maintaining this freedom of motion is an integral part of bowling well over a long period of time.

Establish a clear picture of how you wish to deliver your bowling ball, step onto the approach, and take the same amount of aim time each shot before walking to the foul line.

Get ready, set up, and then bowl. By all means make certain of a good set-up before bowling. There is no need to aim a full 15 seconds standing like a frozen statue before bowling, however.

Quickly go through your checkpoints for a good set-up, look at your target, and bowl.

Some of the best bowlers in the history of the game were fast players. Trust your game, your decisions, and regulate your bowling aim time.

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