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Reduce Your Bowling Open Frames, Originally Posted: 5/6/2013; Updated: 6/23/2021

If you are a new bowler or a beginner in bowling leagues, reducing your number of open frames over your three game series will help your scores. The key to good scoring is to pick up your spares and to hit the pocket as often as possible on your first ball deliveries.

 There are few secrets in the game of bowling and certainly dedicating yourself to developing a sound and simple spare shooting system is one clear path to higher scores. Eliminating open frames by converting relatively easy spares must be your first line of defense against bad bowling scores.

 If you do nothing else in the game, become a good spare shooter. Learn a reliable system of shooting spares and you will most assuredly reduce the number of open frames you post during a typical three game series.

The next thing to address is how to align yourself on the approach and determine where to sight as your mark on the lane when making your first bowling ball deliveries. Hitting the pocket is the 2nd most important task you have as a new bowler to reduce the number of open frames you record each game you bowl.

 When you hit the pocket, you will get more strikes than by missing the pocket too frequently. Also, by hitting the pocket you will leave easy spares to convert if you do not strike. Hitting the pocket is the next key part of learning the game in addition to spare shooting.

Once you learn where to initially align yourself on the approach and where to sight your mark, or spot, on the lane for a strike ball delivery, learning to make adjustments in your alignment will be your next challenge when your bowling ball reacts unpredictably and no longer hits the pocket.

Strike adjustments come from using various techniques. The simplest and easiest technique is to adjust your feet and your sighting spot on the lane to the left if you miss the pocket to the left. If you hit your spot and miss the pocket to the right, move your feet and your spot to the right.
Adjust only if you made a good delivery and hit your mark on the lane.

Never make adjustments based on poor shots.

This fundamental adjustment technique will help you hit the pocket more frequently. When the lane conditions change, adjustments are necessary as your ball begins to react differently from when you first began bowling.
A rule of thumb here is to not make an adjustment off of a bad delivery.

You move when you make a good delivery and your ball no longer hits the pocket.
Of course, we can discuss the myriad of other adjustments available to you as you develop and progress in the game. As a beginner, keep it simple. Learn a reliable system to shoot spares and learn how to align your self to hit the pocket and to adjust as the lanes change.

 If you run into problems shooting spares or hitting the pocket, it is highly recommended to seek the services of an experienced bowling instructor to set you on the right path. Remember, if you reduce the number of open frames per game and per series, your average scores will improve and so will your enjoyment of the game.
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