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Recent Release Track 716C Bowling Ball

The recent release 716C bowling ball is the most angular ball to ever come out of the Track line of bowling ball products. Track has years of experience developing high performance bowling balls and has out done itself with this release. The recent release 716C bowling ball is a strong and dynamic ball available for a great price, with free shipping, with free insurance and with absolutely no hidden charges at
Let's look at some technical specifications for the 716C Special Edition bowling ball provided courtesy of Track:
Product ID: 10060
Brand: Track
Release Date: 10/20/2011
Perfect Scale®: 182.4
Performance: Advanced Performance(6)
RG: 2.51 (Low)
Differential: 0.057 (Med)
Mass Bias Diff: .16 (Med)
Breakpoint Shape: Control
Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Finish: Polished
Coverstock: Reactive Resin

Coverstock Name: UMP Gen 5C Solid
Factory Finish: 500, 1000, 2000 Abralon® Polished with Powerhouse
Core Type: Asymmetric
Core Name: Modified Robot
Quality: First Quality
Color(s): Orange,Green,Black
Since Track has been working on a new-and improved version of ball designed to be used in a larger volume of oil but still offering bowlers the controlled arcing motion they expect, the arrival of the 716C answers that need. The new 716C is a more versatile product for the masses of bowlers. As a result of feedback - likes and dislikes - from pro shops, consumers, and online users, Track made modifications on the 716C from previous releases that will allow the ball to be more competitive in heavier oil conditions.
Modifications to the Robot core resulted in the higher differential core used in the 716C than in previous releases. In addition, an upgrade to the veneer resulted in the all “NEW” UMP Gen5C Solid coverstock. Using new surfacing process, Track has a new three-stage factory sanding system which removes one sanding stage and therefore uses only three: 500,1000 and 2000 grit finishes, giving the 716C more an aggressive footprint on the lane. Also, remember, if you need a more aggressive reaction this coverstock is easy to adjust. continues to be the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling ball equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting.