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Raise Your Bowling Average Midseason

As mid-season approaches and your first half bowling average is not where you would like it to be, there are a few easy things to work on to prepare for the season’s second half.

Since leagues normally take a one or two-week break over the holidays, why not use the time to practice on things which can shore up your physical game. You should also make sure your bowling equipment is resurfaced and ready to go for the second half of the season.

If your game is sharpened over the holidays from purposeful practice, and if you cut down on open frames by working on your spares or on alignment and adjustments, as well as getting your bowling ball surfaces prepared to match lane conditions, you will certainly achieve higher scores over the second half of the season and raise your overall average.

In many leagues, the second half offers your team a chance to win the half and potentially earn more prize money. There are any number of reasons why devoting useful practice time mid-season to sharpening your skills and, getting your equipment into shape can benefit you by season’s end.

Start by taking all of your bowling ball equipment into your local pro shop and resurfacing the equipment. Finish off each ball with the appropriate grit pad to achieve a final texture ready to match with the lane conditions you are targeting.

If about 16 or 17 weeks of bowling have elapsed during the first half of the league season and if you have not resurfaced your bowling balls, then it is time to get that accomplished before beginning your second half of competition. As you approach 50 - 60 games of use plus times you practice during that time, your bowling ball equipment surfaces wear and are in need of maintenance. Get into the pro shop and prepare your equipment.

Next, think about which areas of your game did not meet your standards of performance. When you get to the practice lane, work on what you must do properly to strengthen these areas. Dedicate yourself to training techniques designed to fortify your physical game skills.

You can always work on your footwork tempo and make sure you walk your intended lines during each approach.

You can work on getting your ball into your swing cycle smoothly and in the right sequence to initiate good timing between your swing and footwork.

Work on the tempo and swing path direction of your entire swing cycle.

Practice making a precise finger rotation on the bowling ball at the right delivery time and not early as to over-turn the ball and cause errant shots.

Practice regulating your ball speed and getting consistent loft over the foul line.

If you are struggling with spares of any kind, work as hard on improving your spare deliveries as any other part of your game.

If you are missing the pocket too often over the course of three league games, then practice making precise adjustments to allow the lane oil pattern to help steer your ball to the pocket.

Adjustments can come from making lateral positioning adjustments on the approach such as moving your feet and sighting target toward the oil build-up on the lane to increase ball skid or away from the oil so your ball gains more traction rolling down the lane.

You can adjust your hand positioning and your delivery motion slightly to either increase or decrease ball axis tilt, extend or reduce ball skid, or change bowling balls as needed.

You cannot improve in your physical game technique without purposeful and dedicated practice.

The mid-season break from competition can work in your favor is you use your time wisely. It might even be time to take a lesson from an experienced, professional bowling instructor. Most bowlers do not consult with or use the services of a professional instructor nearly often enough to keep their games tuned and ready to go.

Also, most bowlers do not spend dedicated time working on their game during mid-season breaks. Use your competitive off-time wisely and work on your game and prepare your equipment for the next portion of the season. You just may raise your average