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Radical's Ridiculous New Year


We've always known one thing about the Radical brand, that they are an affiliate brand to Brunswick and that they had created a lot of buzz worthy talk about a bowling ball called the Guru few years back., Wait... That's two things... But that number two is real important in this article!, Wwhen it comes to the two new bowling balls that Radical is releasing in January,. I have some Intel for you on that, and the article title of Ridiculous should give you a good clue of where I'm going with this. Creativity, that's what I try to bring to the table.

I did say that I have Intel, and I'm here to declassify the news of Radical's brand new Intel. With the Low Differential Symmetric core wrapped around the Ai25 cover, this is going to be a great ball for medium oil lane conditions. Finished at 500/1000/2000 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball is going to give you a predictable ball motion, so think of a benchmark type reaction. We all have one, maybe a brand new Intel will help crack the case for you. So imagine going into league with this new navy/black colored bowling ball, and you just dishing it out the first couple games of league night or tournament competition and crushing it. This is absolutely perfect not just for one-handed bowlers but two-handed bowlers too. We're all in this together, as the affiliated Brunswick brand of Radical and everyone there says, "We're a family." Get your Radical Intel January 9th, 2018. You won't be sorry.

Remember my article title? Radical Ridiculous. No, I don't just want to be ridiculous, I want to be Beyond Ridiculous, preferably in a neon green color that is going to stand out on the ball return and catch my opponent's eye, and be that type of ball that has bowlers 10 lanes over looking over wondering what that ball just was. Yeah, it's Beyond Ridiculous, and wow that's Radical. In case you haven't figured it out, Radical's new neon green Beyond Ridiculous features the Symmetric core with Scoop Technology wrapped in the Ai30 overstock, this ball will be perfect on those medium-heavy oil lane conditions. Finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound. This solid covered bowling ball will give you the down-lane reaction that all bowlers crave and love.

One-handed bowlers and two-handed bowlers will definitely love this ball. Unfortunately, this ball doesn't have the marble/swirl coloring which could make it difficult to see ball reaction, but it is an eye catcher, attractive on the shelves of pro shops, and of course, awesome going down the lane.

Want to feel Radical? Want to have Intel that no other bowlers have or want to be Beyond Ridiculous? Then subscribe to read all about Radical and everything bowling right here at, Iit's where bowlers go.

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