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Quick Tips – Speed

If you wish to change your ball speed and retain control, there are a couple of easy changes to your swing and footwork which will produce good results. First, if you wish to increase your ball speed, hold your ball higher than normal (about a ball height) in your set-up position. Begin your swing toward your target slightly upward until your arm is fully extended as to create greater momentum on the down-swing and back-swing motions. From the top of your back-swing, permit the ball to swing freely, swiftly and smoothly to a full follow-through position and toward your target. You may encounter a slight increase in your footwork to match the increase in your swing speed.

To slow your ball speed, hold your ball lower than normal in the set-up position by a ball height at the minimum. Begin your swing toward your target making sure your arm gets fully extended and permit the back-swing to move freely but more slowly than normal in accordance with the momentum the shorter swing arc provides. It is important to follow through toward your target and complete your swing. You may encounter slightly slower footwork to match the decrease in your swing speed. Please, practice these techniques and you will master controlling your ball speed.

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