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Quick Tips for Creating More Length

We have all met a condition in league or tournament play that requires a lot of effort to get your ball down the lane. We will offer you a few options to try and overcome this condition. You could try moving further left in an attempt to find more oil thereby giving you more skid.

One of the problems with moving left is that the further left you move the smaller and smaller the pocket gets. This is normally why when you have to play an extreme inside angle you will leave more corner pins and have very little room for error. The good thing is that you do not always have to move so far left in your attempt to find more conditioner. You can also create more skid by breaking your wrist, looking further down the lane, or by changing ball surfaces. Breaking your wrist takes a lot of practice and could lead to inconsistent shot making if you are not well practiced. By looking down the lanes we mean that if you normally look at the dots, which are approximately 7 ft out on the lane, try moving your target to the arrows, which are approximately 15 ft out on the lane, or even further down the lane to your break point. This technique will create more skid through the front part of the lane saving more energy for the back end. Looking further down the lanes works well for many bowlers but some bowlers are very uncomfortable when it comes to changing where they look. The last option is to simply change balls. This way you don't have to change where you look or move too far inside thus keeping your best angle to the pocket.
Remember if you see your ball rolling out you need to make a change. You need to create more length or skid. Keep in mind - no skid no hook. A bowling ball only has so much energy to expend before it reaches the pins, if the ball rolls too earlier it may roll out thereby not allowing the ball to hook in the back end.

By trying these techniques you should store more of that energy and use it where it counts, at the pins.