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Quick Tips – Corner Pin Spares

Spares on the left, move right! Spares on the right, move left!

If you are a right handed bowler and wish to convert the ten pin spare, move to the far left side of the approach, target the center arrow about fifteen feet past the foul line if you roll the ball straight or if you use a bowling ball with a stiff cover which does not promote hook. The opposite move to the right side of the approach will work for left handed bowlers.

If you hook the ball, sight slightly right (right handed bowlers) of the center arrow, perhaps two or three boards to the right and allow for the ball to hook slightly and still maintain its direction toward the spare. Be sure to slightly align your hips and bowling shoulder to face the corner pin and maintain that alignment as you walk to the foul line and make your delivery.

One very important key in success at converting corner pin spares (the ten pin for right handed bowlers or the seven pin for left handed bowlers) is to "walk your line" and do not drift excessively to the center of the approach. Drifting to the center of the approach will reduce an effective angle to the spare and the ball will either miss to the inside of the spare or fall into the channel.

The number one reason bowlers miss corner pin spares is because of drifting off of the desired target path created by the initial alignment on the approach. The other most common reason bowler’s miss corner pin spares is because of ball speed changes, usually trying to deliver the ball much faster than normal. This tip will help you improve converting corner pin spares.

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