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Questions on spare shooting, durometer ratings and pin carry – May 2009

Q: I have just started bowling and need some advice on the best way to pick up spares.

A: Generally speaking, if you’re shooting spares on the right side of the lane (10-pin, 6-pin, etc.), you should stand on the left side of the approach and roll the ball across the center arrow toward the intended target. For spares on the left side (7-pin, 4-pin, etc.), stand on the right side of the approach and again roll the ball across the lane to the intended target. Most spares in the center of lane should be shot off of the line on which you roll your strike ball. An adjustment of a couple of boards, one way or the other, should be made after you see the ball’s reaction. To lessen your margin of error, spare lines should be as straight as possible.

Q: How can I know whether a ball is soft or hard when selecting a new one to buy?