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Put Your Bowling Swing Into The Slot

Don’t let your hips and legs get in the way, put your bowling swing into the slot.

In order to avoid bouncing the bowling ball off of your ankle or the hip, proper footwork and good alignment are essential for top tier players.

The swing path, know as your swing slot, is a composite path encompassing the backswing and forward swings in relation to the sighting target on the lane.

If you have a good walking pattern and your hips and leg stay out of the way of your intended swing path, then regardless if you hook the ball a great deal or only slightly, you can effectively play any delivery angle on the lane.

If your feet walk in front of your swing path, then you risk having your bowling ball bounce off of your hip or legs on both the backswing and forward swing. Walking in front of your swing path causes you to re-route your swing to avoid hitting your leg or hip.

Once you have developed good walking lines, then simply allow the natural freedom of your swing to repeat consistently so you deliver the ball on your intended target line.

When you are in the groove and rolling strikes, your swing becomes repetitive and you are likely allowing the ball to find the slot and are hitting your target consistently.

A straight line walking path is one method of allowing your swing to align to the sighting target. Another is to walk away from the swing path as to avoid stepping into the swing path and having to re-route your swing which risks a “roundhouse swing path.

The essential thing here is to avoid walking in front of your swing path so once your ball falls into the slot, you have a clear path to deliver your ball toward your target.

Good footwork walking lines makes your job easy to develop a natural swing and one which is repetitive and allows the ball to fall into the slot.

If you have any concerns with your swing slot, consult an experience bowling instructor.

A good coach can quickly monitor your walking path and your swing to help you gain advantages and use the strengths of your game.