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Put Some Glide In Your Bowling Slide, Originally Posted: 9/3/2012; Updated: 6/11/2023

Maintaining good body balance when sliding into the foul line is an important key to bowling accuracy and consistent shot making. By learning to put some glide into your bowling slide you will be in position to make quality deliveries.
It is important to first develop good steps leading into the final slide step. Make sure your upper body is positioned in an athletic posture above your legs so you maintain good balance during your slide into the foul line.
Our staff at recommends you check to be certain your steps are not too fast and out of control. Fast steps can work to help develop good ball speed but if the steps are taken much too quickly without good body posture, then your sliding step will not move into a well balanced position while releasing the bowling ball.
Your steps should be taken in a smooth and uniform pace leading into the final slide step. Keep a reasonable amount of knee flex from the set-up position on the approach and throughout your walk to the foul line.
With good knee flex/knee bend, entering into the sliding step is made easy because your slide leg is already positioned to allow your bowling shoe heel and sole to contact the floor uniformly to support the weight of your body evenly across the bottom of your bowling shoe as you slide into the line.

In fact, your flexed knee cap will be on a vertical plane with the toe of your sliding bowling shoe in a balanced position so the momentum from taking your approach and swinging the bowling ball will propel you forward and will put some glide in your bowling slide.
As you complete the step before your sliding step, your body weight should be completely transferred onto your sliding leg. When your knees are flexed properly during your bowling approach, the big muscles of your leg in your thigh area work to help support the full weight of your body and reduce unwanted body motion while you slide smoothly into the foul line.
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