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Prolong Your Bowling Hot Streak

If you have been bowling well and are on a hot streak, it's important to do the things in practice which have gotten you to bowl well for an extended time. Getting into a hot streak and staying in the streak as long as possible comes from a disciplined game and from continuing practice.

If you are in a successful scoring mode because you have cut down on open frames, it is likely from not making silly mistakes converting spares and partially from making good alignment and adjustment decisions during competition. You are bowling well because your bowling ball surfaces are prepared to match competitive lane conditions.

While you bowl, make certain you use fresh bowling tape when needed and avoid using frayed tape or tape which no longer adheres inside the gripping holes of your bowling ball. If you need fresh inserts, replace the ones you are using so you retain the same good feel with your gripping fingers as when you are bowling your best. Paying attention to details is vital to prolonging a hot streak.

Next, think about which areas of your game did not meet your standards of performance which you previously worked hard and improved upon to result in the good bowling you are now experiencing.

When you get to the practice lanes between competitive sessions, work on the strengths of your game which lead to bowling well. Dedicate yourself to training techniques designed to fortify your physical game skills.

Work on achieving the same, good bowling set-up in your stance position when preparing for each delivery. You can always work on your footwork tempo and make sure you walk your intended lines during each approach.

Work on a good beginning of your swing cycle. You can work on getting your bowling ball into your swing cycle smoothly and in the right sequence relative to your first step. Work on maintaining a consistent swing tempo. Practice being in the forward swing “slot” which allows for your swing to find its proper path toward your intended target.

Practice making a precise finger rotation without rotating your fingers too soon and before your hand arrives at the release zone. In fact, if you are bowling well, your hand action is likely quiet as you deliver the bowling ball and void of a “snappy, lifting action.”

Practice regulating your ball speed and getting consistent loft over the foul line. Being able to control your ball speed in the mid-lane and on the back-end of the lane is vital in competition.

If you are accustomed to working with a professional bowling instructor, it can work in your favor to continue doing so to prolong your hot streak. Keep your game tuned and ready to go.

If you take your game seriously, not only can you bowl well over an extended period of time, you will be the certain envy of your fellow bowlers.