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Pro Shops for Entry Level Bowlers

By Kim Terrell-KearneyAssistant Head Coach International Training Center

Some bowlers look at the pro shop as an exclusive club reserved for high-end bowlers. It isn't. The pro shop and its employees are there to help bowlers of all ages, averages and levels of experience, including you!

The next time you have a chance, visit your local pro shop, and introduce yourself to at least one member of its staff. Let that person know that you are new to the pro-shop experience so that he or she can explain the various products and services the shop offers. After you've finished listening to all of the information, be sure to thank that person for his or her time.

What you have just done is form a bowling relationship. Now, when it comes time to select your own bowling ball or bowling shoes or to set up your first lesson, you will be able to call upon a friendly face who knows who you are and what your needs are as a bowler. The process is likely to take under 30 minutes, but the value will last throughout your bowling career.

If you need further assistance, consult your local USBC-certified coach.

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