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Pro Shop Services For New Bowlers

If you are new to bowling, there are many services your local pro shop provides (in addition to coaching) which will help you get started properly in the game.
Here are 10 important services for new bowlers that pro shop professionals provide:
1. Measuring your bowling hand for overall span and finger and thumb sizes.
2. Examining your hand for flexibility to determine how it opens and closes.
3. Choosing appropriate pitch angles for drilling each hole.
4. Choosing a drilling layout to influence the bowling ball motion as it travels down the lane.
5. Contouring, beveling or shaping the gripping holes with precision.
6. Evaluating your existing equipment.

7. Offering bowling lessons or clinics to help you learn the fundamentals of the game.
8. Helping you choose a good pair of bowling shoes.
9. Helping you select an appropriate bowling bag.
10. Selling accessory items to carry in your bag, such as bowling tape and a towel.
Using your own bowling ball, shoes, bag, and accessory items will help you progress in the game. The pro shop can be a one-stop-shop. There, you can choose the best equipment for your needs and get the coaching necessary to get you started properly. All this will put you on the right path for your bowling future.