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Pro Shop Bowling Services For Beginner Bowlers

If you are new to the game and beginning to bowl, it can be very useful to learn about pro shop services. There are many bowling pro shop services available other than the obvious consumer products sold everyday.

There are more services available to you than merely retail products such as bowling balls, bowling bags, and bowling shoes.

Let's build a quick checklist of services the pro shop should offer to help you get started in the game:

1. Evaluation - the pro shop professional will watch you bowl before helping you choose a new bowling ball. The professional will be able to see how far along you are in knowing how to bowl and then help make the decision in a new ball selection process.

2. Measuring and Fitting - the pro shop professional will examine your bowling hand and observe how your hand opens and closes, how your bowling fingers and thumb are shaped, and what the length of your span will be when your hand properly fits into your new bowling ball.

3. Gripping holes - pitch angles of gripping holes must be determined based on your hand structure and with the technique you have developed in releasing the bowling ball. Finger and thumb pitches can influence the way you release the bowling ball thereby influencing ball motion.

4. Drilling Layout - the location of where the gripping holes are drilled into the ball will affect the ball motion as it travels down the lane. The manufacturers recommend various drilling layouts to help control length and hook potential while your ball is in motion and the pro shop pro will help determine which layout best suits your needs.

5. After drilling - the professional will make sure you roll the ball on a lane after drilling the ball to ensure the ball fits your hand properly and no adjustments are needed to ensure a proper fit with no hand discomfort.

6. Ball Surface Maintenance - the professional will help you learn how to maintain the surface of your new ball. Ball surface care should become part of your routine when you complete your session on the lanes. Learn what you can do to care for your bowling ball between visits back to the pro shop for scheduled surface maintenance. There are cleaners and polishes you can purchase inexpensively to carry in your accessory pouch in your bowling bag so you can clean and/or polish the ball surface when you finish bowling.

7. Other Bowling Equipment - your pro shop professional can help you make a decision on which style of bowling shoes will fit your budget and offer you comfort and stability when bowling.

Spending money on a good pair of bowling shoes will go a long way into making you a better bowler. It is important to maintain good balance while walking on the approach and having a smooth and even slide into the foul line.

Depending on how many bowling balls you transport to and from the bowling center and how many accessories you carry in the bowling bag should steer you to selecting the right bag to match your needs. Ask your pro shop professional to show you choices in bowling bags

If you do nothing else, purchase a bowling towel to wipe away lane conditioner and to clean dirt or marks off of your ball surface as you bowl.

Next, invest in a roll of bowling tape. Bowling tape is a space filler and can help tighten your fingers and thumb holes when they feel loose. Bowling tape is used everyday around the world by the best bowlers so they can achieve a consistent grip on their bowling balls and make an accurate delivery.

8. Bowling Instructions - the pro shop is a good place to inquire about bowling instructions. If you are learning the game and are in need of proper coaching, inquire in the pro shop about bowling lessons, the cost of lessons, and the type of coaching programs available.

Getting started in the game properly will help you progress quickly. Learning to bowl with the right equipment will certainly help you to enjoy this great game of bowling for many years. The pro shop is the perfect place to begin.