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Pro CG Bowling Balls

Searching for a Pro CG bowling ball is quick and easy right here at our site. By clicking our “Bowling Balls” button on the home page, then bring down the drop window and click on “Pro CG”, you may then click on the image of the ball displayed you wish, and refer to the weight window for options available. You may also refer to the “Extended Warranty” window for choices in levels of protections of any Pro GC bowling ball you purchase.

A “Pro CG” ball is where the center of gravity (CG) ends up a certain distance left or right of the preferred spin axis (PSA). If you draw a line on the ball from the pin to the PSA, the CG marker must be 2.5 inches or more from the line to be categorized as a “Pro CG” bowling ball. Although a Pro CG ball is still a first line ball, it has limited drill options which require certain types of layouts. Consult our “Pro-CG Drilling Options” for more details.

The Pro CG bowling ball is created in the manufacturing process and when the pin area is drilled, the core can shift slightly. When the weight-block shifts a small amount (perhaps one-sixteenth of an inch to one-thirty second of an inch) it pulls the CG off the “Y axis” toward the “Z axis”, you will notice CG markings on some bowling balls are a far distance from the pin to PSA line. These small shifts do not affect the ball reaction or the quality of the product, but it can limit the drill options.

Refer to our Pro CG Drilling Options” for details on suggested layout patterns or click on the “Bowling Ball” button, then on “Manufacturer”, then on the ball line you wish, then on the image of a given ball, and then refer to “Extra Drilling Options” for additional layout patterns for your Pro CG ball of choice. Our “Professional Drilling Services” for shoppers at uses a “Vacu-Jig Milling System” for drilling precision finger and thumb hole-sizes along with accurate pitch angles so you get the proper fit in your new bowling ball. You may select our “Custom Drilling Service” feature for advanced bowlers making available optional finger inserts, thumb slugs, switch grips, and thumb molds. Also, you can select our “Basic Drilling Service” feature for recreational bowlers using conventional layouts and hole-sizes. The “Custom Drilling Service” is only slightly more cost than the “Basic Drilling Service” with both being very affordable services. Our “Basic Drilling Service Measurement Chart” is designed for convenience in specifying and identifying hole-sizes when you choose our “Professional Drilling Services.”

It is easy to understand why we have become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by consumers of America. Ordering is easy by merely by following our online instructions or you may call us at (888) 265-2695 and one of our sales associates will be ready to assist you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Thanks for visiting!