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Practice Bowling Five Minutes More

Try and squeeze in only five additional minutes of practice time each time you bowl away from competition.

Whether you choose to bowl alone or with a friend, extend your practice when time and money permits.

All coaches like to see their students work a little longer on their games whenever possible.

You can help your own efforts by investing a bit more time into constructive practice, not just “ball throwin’ time.”

Make your shots count. Develop your own private practice plan and get in as much time as you can working on your game.

Bowl in spaced intervals if you are able to practice on consecutive days. By preventing too many days to go between bowling sessions only prolongs your gaining and retaining a good feel for the game.

If you are bowling well and you bowl often, you do not need marathon practices.

Bowl long enough to rehearse the keys to your game which have been responsible for your bowling well.

Dedicate some of your practice time to preparing your bowling equipment so it is ready for use next time you take to the lanes.

Working hard on your physical game will help you become an improved shot maker. Working hard at keeping your bowling ball surfaces properly prepared for competition will help you achieve a desired ball reaction.

So lay off of the reset button, use every frame to get in as many shots as you can, and spend your practice time wisely. Give yourself a gift - spend just five more minutes practicing.