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Plastic Bowling Balls has offered an array of polyester coverstock bowling balls for many years, or more commonly referred to as plastic bowling balls. The arrival and roll out of Pyramid Path bowling balls is one example of the continuing effort on our site to make available the latest models of plastic bowling balls to our shoppers.

The first Pyramid ball is the Path Blue/Black/White 2024 DEAL priced at only $54.99. This model offers a polished and classy appearance with the polyester coverstock, looks great, is certainly very affordable, and bowlers of all skill levels can use this ball, particularly on dry lanes or for shooting spares. All Pyramid Path bowling balls offer a one year warranty and are available in three other colors, the Path Pink/Black 2024 DEAL bowling ball, the Path Orange/Black 2024 DEAL bowling ball, and Path Purple/Emerald/Silver RETIRED bowling ball, each with extremely great looking coverstocks you will be proud to own and at extremely affordable prices.

Of course, there are exclusive plastic ball models readily available right now on the site. Models such as the Monster Jam - Grave Digger Viz-A-Ball, the Spiral Pink/Black Viz-A-Ball, the Barb Wire Viz-A-Ball are among the favorites of our shoppers. Other models such as the NFL Detroit Lions Single Tote model as one of 32 NFL team bowling balls and the T Zone Mixed Berry model which is one of several T Zone series are examples of other very popular choices in plastic bowling balls.

When you are bowling on wet/dry lane conditions as you likely may encounter in league bowling or local tournament play on house conditions, using a plastic ball can be to your advantage regardless of your skill level. Polyester bowling balls will not over-react in the dry area of the lane nearly as quickly as will aggressive reactive resin bowling balls. Plastic ball models will surely skid easily to the mid-lane if you miss your target toward the oily portion of the lane surface. The net effect is that fewer shots will "jump" out of the oil pattern and, by using proper alignment, will continue toward the break point and on to the pocket.

In fact, it is not uncommon to watch power players, those who hook the ball a great deal and have a very high rev rate, use polyester balls to control skid length and prevent excessive over-reaction on wet/dry or on dry lane conditions. Bowlers who go up-the-boards and only hook the ball a slight amount can still get a reliable ball reaction when lane oil conditions breakdown in league or tournament play by not fearing playing in the dry portion of the lane if they can get a smooth and controllable arc to the pocket on the back ends.

The emerging trend in bowling is to seek a continuous arc or a very controllable ball motion in the mid-lane and at the break point compared to the old theory of skid/hook ball motion which is difficult to control. Plastic balls will help you gain control when the lane oil conditions break down, on fresh wet/dry conditions, and when shooting spares, particularly the tricky corner pin spares.

Polyester coverstock bowling balls replaced the rubber ball in the 1970's in popularity and was the dominant ball during that decade. Although the industry provided successful rubber bowling balls well into the 1970's, essentially from about 1971 forward the polyester bowling balls have been and are used on the PBA Tour and by top amateur players in the country.

Plastic balls are the least aggressive of all modern day coverstocks available in the market. Plastic balls react least aggressively of all coverstocks in medium, medium-heavy, and heavy oil lane conditions on the front end, in the mid-lane, and on dry back end of the lane.

Plastic balls favor slow ball speed players for both strike and spare ball deliveries. Plastic balls will not hook as quickly as urethane balls because of the lesser amount of friction generated on the lane surface with a stiff coverstock made of polyester materials. Polyester or plastic bowling balls are factory finished with a polished and shiny surface which further indicates the longest skid potential and least amount of back end ball reaction of all choices of bowling balls in today's market.

It is recommended to consult with your pro shop professional or a local bowling instructor to help you develop your equipment arsenal. Please don't be afraid to add a plastic ball to your personal inventory if you have not already done so.

You can find plastic models of bowling balls by simply browsing our site and checking out the great prices available immediately which include free shipping, free insurance, and no hidden handling charges. Ordering is easy by following our simple online instructions 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Thanks for visiting

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