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PBA Welcomes 13 New Members From China

Recently announced by the PBA, China has become the 27th country to be represented in the PBA. Thanks to the effort of Frank Ningbo Zhao who owns and operates a bowling center chain, manufacturer and equipment supplier based out of Shanghai City called Longmarch Bowling.

After meeting with PBA Commissioner Tom Clark it prompted Mr. Zhao to invite Ray Williams Jr. to China. After Mr. Williams Jr's visit, Mr Zhao was inspired to create a league that would give players a chance to record recognized averages. The 13 players who averaged 200-plus are the member's who then applied and were accepted as China's first PBA members.

Bowling has been a relevant sport and past time in China since the late 1980's. The sport grew in popularity throughout China in those years and on through to the 1990's. Several thousand bowling center's had opened in those years as the country experienced a boom in the bowling industry, which started to fade into the 2000's.

However, in recent years China has seen growing interest in high-level competitive bowling. Helping to renew the love of the sport, both professional and recreational, the 13 new PBA members from China are proud of their PBA memberships and hope to compete in upcoming PBA Tournaments.

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