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Our FREE SHIPPING is really FREE. It's all about truth in advertising.

At I am honored to state the following fact; If an item says, for example, $124.99 with Free Shipping then your total cost will be what? Right $124.99.

There are other sites that have issues with morals and truth in advertising. They may show the following; Item XYZ - $119.99 Free Shipping same item that we show as $124.99 Free Shipping, our final actual cost - $124.99. They may show $119.99 Free Shipping but what they forget to mention up front that there will be other fees added before checkout, HOW MUCH AM I REALLY GOING TO SPENDING. At these sites it is $119.99 plus a hidden or even rationalize handling fee of $4.95 PLUS they want to know if you want your order INSURED, heck yes you do, well that is another $3.00 on their site. Actual cost to you on your card, $127.94, you just paid an additional $7.05 over the advertised cost, but you had the impression that it was much less. Is that marketing or just immoral? The answer is obvious. By the way good people, when is the last time that you saw a web site charge extra for insuring a small item (under $1000.00), that is right, I can't think of one either. Most of us know that insurance is included when shipping with major carriers. Don't be lied to and think that you must pay for insurance,it is always free at 99.99% of the top retail web sites.

INSURANCE IS ALWAYS FREE AT BOWLINGBALL.COM, AS IT SHOULD BE. Some sites just try to scam you for additional insurance and handling. That should really upset you. Insurance is not charged by major carriers so what is the extra $3.00 for? Major carriers include the insurance for the shipper and the receiver. It therefore appears that the extra $3.00 is for the pockets of other retailers.

Shop where FREE SHIPPING means FREE (to the lower 48). Just say no to the other sites that allow greed to come into play. The truth is the truth and marketing lets you spin a lie into a truth, but not on