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Open Bowling Tips For Beginners

If you wish to pick up a few open bowling tips for beginners, give thought to the following essentials when you arrive at your local bowling center. As a new bowler, there are open bowling tips for beginners to help you get started.

Open bowling is a commonly used term to refer to bowling non-league or non-organized event games (such as tournaments, fund raisers, etc.) but rather simply bowling for practice by yourself, for fun with family or friends, or in competition where your scores are not recorded for USBC (United States Bowling Congress) sanctioned averages or for competitive standings.

Here are a few tips regarding open bowling:

1. When first arriving at the bowling center, check-in at the central control desk usually located near the front entrance of the center. The control desk is your most important connection to getting ready to bowl. Desk personnel will help guide you in preparing to bowl by first assigning you a lane. Information about prices and lane availability are easily accessed at the control desk.

2. Once you are assigned a lane, you will need rental House Shoes since the center management does not allow use of street shoes on the bowling approaches. House Shoes typically run about one-half size larger than street shoes so be ready to try them on to ensure a comfortable fit. recommends everyone purchase their own bowling shoes for sanitary purposes as well as style, comfort, and sliding stability.

3. Select a House Ball from the available inventory provided by the bowling center. Usually one will find the House Balls located near the lanes on special racks. House Balls range from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. maximum allowed weight. House Balls are drilled with two finger holes and a thumb hole. The largest hole is intended for the thumb. Having a bowling ball custom fit to your hand will reduce the likelihood of hand discomfort or possible injury caused by use of randomly drilled House Balls for the public.

4. The control desk personnel can arrange assistance for you to enter your name, or names of all bowlers in your party, into the automatic scorers. The bowling center personnel are always happy to show you how to use the scorers in setting-up to bowl and will help if there is a scoring error or other such problem during your session on the lanes.

5. Contact the control desk personnel if there is a mechanical failure with the automatic scorer, with the pinsetter, or with the ball return unit. The control desk is your central point of communication while you are bowling.

It is easy to prepare to bowl and fun to spend recreational time with family and friends. Many people who get accustomed to open bowling elect to join a bowling league and compete in an organized team environment and enjoy the fun of friendly competition. Check with your local bowling center for details about joining a bowling league suited to your experience level in the game.

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