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One Million Dollar Bonus For 300 Game In Women's US Open Finals

Following years of consecutive growth in consumer participation and a massive resurgence that has propelled bowling back into the public eye, the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), the leading non-profit trade organization and voice of the bowling industry, today issued a major announcement that will set new ground for the revitalized sport.

In what is a defining moment for bowling, the BPAA announced the details surrounding what will be a game-changing 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open that will set new standards for the industry to follow and forever catapult the Women's Open into the chronicles of professional sports lore.

History will be made as a number of sports and bowling industry "firsts" will be accomplished as part of the landmark 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open finals event on June 30, 2011 in Arlington, TX at Cowboys Stadium.

Cowboys Stadium - the BPAA issued official renderings of the U.S. Women's Open lanes - the lanes will be positioned at the 50 yard line of Cowboys Stadium, marking the first time in history that a women's major professional bowling event will be held at a traditional sporting venue.

World-renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - as part of the opening ceremonies kicking off the U.S. Women's Open Finals, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be front and center, merging two pop culture icons and providing entertainment to bowling fans.

World Attendance Record - the industry will attempt to set a new world record for securing the most spectators in attendance at a professional bowling event in the history of the sport.

One Million Dollar Payout - the BPAA will award a competitor who rolls a perfect game of 300 in the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open Championship Match with one million dollars - an amount that is unprecedented in the history of bowling - in addition to a $50,000 championship purse and $5,000 to world-renowned Tiffany & Co. to commemorate their achievement.

With its tournament final to be hosted on Thursday, June 30 at 7 PM CT at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX, the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open features Gatorade G2 as a sponsor and the "Official Thirst Quencher of Bowling's U.S. Women's Open."

"There has never before been an event like the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open, both in our industry and in pro sports. Records will be shattered, history will be made and a champion will be crowned as women's bowling gets its well-deserved chance to take center stage," said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA.

"This event takes the greatest brand in professional athletics - the U.S. Open - and brings it to arguably the greatest sports venue in existence so that America can enjoy the greatest game there is, played by the top female athletes in the world, in this historic setting."

The Open Finals will feature the world's top five women bowlers who advance through the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open tournament, which will kick-off with the qualifying rounds on June 24, at AMF Euless Lanes in Euless, TX. The Finals will be broadcast on ESPN2's "Best and the Brightest" on Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 6 PM ET.

Added Johnson, "From securing the support of brand name companies like Jani King, and Gatorade G2 to receiving national broadcast exposure on ESPN2, the 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open is capturing the attention of the sports business world, corporate America and bowling fans everywhere."

The 2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open is open to all female youth and adult bowlers in the United States and around the world, and will include competitors from Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, England, Finland and the Philippines.