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November 900 Global Releases 11/8/2017

As the 2017 calendar year winds down and we are in our 4th and final quarter, our friends at 900 Global have blessed us with new bowling balls, just in time for the always exciting holiday season. Last round of 900 Global releases I felt like Roy Munson except with my right hand still in tact, seeing that another gold bowling ball has hit the market, and needless to say, it’s quite the gem.I can’t wait to get my hands on the new releases this time around.

I’ll start with the release that I myself am really excited about, the X2. Being a fan of the Chemical X and the X, I’m thrilled to see this new X2. The Pod Symmetric core is wrapped around the S59 Solid cover and finished at ICE “C” 2000 Grit finish. This core will provide an early read but predictable down-lane motion, which as I’ve said many times in the past, “smooth”, “control”, and “predictable” are words I love to hear as a two-handed bowler. The X2 is going to be a ball where the backends get touchy. So basically, this is going to be a ball that controls the over/under of your ball reaction. More so you would see this with hybrid covers with the over/under scenario. With the X2, you will see the perfect balance of traction in the oil with a predictable backend. Bowlers who are two-handed like myself could use this ball on fresh medium oil patterns with their higher rev rates, or can use it on the burn depending on layout. One-handed bowlers can also use this ball on medium oil patterns, but more so when you need a ball that will blend out the pattern and help you solve the over/under.

Our one-handed bowlers are going to be extremely happy with the continuation of the Truth Line in 900 Global’s Prime 800 Series, the Absolute Truth. With the success of the original Truth and greater Truth Pearl, the Absolute Truth is the best of both worlds, and the most aggressive cover ever to be used on a Prime 800 Series ball. I don’t know if we can handle this much “truth” and we haven’t even gotten into the fine content yet. The Adaptor/C Symmetric core will be wrapped in the S80R Hybrid cover, being the best of both worlds from the Truth and Truth Pearl. Finished at ICE “E” 3000 Grit, this ball will provide power and control in a bowlers hand on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. I like the word “control” for the two-handed bowler like me. Also I like the colors, orange from the original Truth, blue from the Truth Pearl, blended together on the new Absolute Truth. Priceless!

The Absolute Truth will be seen more so in a one-handed bowlers bag as opposed to a two-handed bowler. One-handed bowlers will use this more on the shorter of heavy oil patterns more than likely (43-44 ft) and on those medium oil patterns that have a greater volume of oil. Two-handed bowlers will use this ball on heavier oil patterns with a medium to heavy concentration of oil.

As always you can find all my content on 900 Global, all bowling companies, and all my bad movie puns and creativeness I try to put into all of my writing right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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