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New Release: Brunswick Mastermind Intellect Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Mastermind Intellect is the smart choice.

Brunswick releases the newest edition to their Hook line, the Mastermind Intellect.

The Mastermind Intellect features the proven Mastermind Ultra Low RG core and the new Honor Roll A+ Solid Coverstock. This combination provides good skid through the heads, maximum mid-lane read and a strong, angular backend reaction.

The Intellect cover is finished with 500 Siaair Micro Pad; Royal Compound Finish allowing it to fit perfectly between the original Mastermind and the Mastermind Genius.

Brunswick's current Hook line features the Mastermind, Genius and now the Intellect.

Buy The Brunswick Mastermind Intellect Bowling Ball Now

Brunswick Mastermind Intellect Bowling Ball