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New Releases: Roto Grip Berserk, Shatter, Scream And Shout

Roto Grip Berserk:

The Berserk is the new benchmark ball in the Roto Grip line. The hybrid coverstock and symmetrical core combine to make a smooth, strong reaction with good length. This will be the first ball out of your bag!

The Berserk is currently selling for $114.95 and rates a 183.4.

Roto Grip Shatter:

Once the lanes start to dry out and you need great length with a fairly strong backend, you need a ball like the Shatter! This ball will allow you to move in deep and still get the ball back to the pocket.

The Shatter is currently selling for $94.99 and rates a 177.9.

Roto Grip Scream:

Finally, Roto Grip has a true, reactive resin, dry lane ball! The Scream has amazing length and a super controlled backend reaction. Perfect for when the end of the lanes are screaming!

The Scream Green/Pink is currently selling for $84.99 and rates a 139.56.

Roto Grip Shout:

So the front part of the lanes are dry and you've got a bit of carry down, what do you do? You need length, but also something that won't start up too late. You also need something that has a low overall hook potential. You need the Shout!

The Shout Blue/Orange is currently selling for $84.99 and rates a 139.56.