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New Releases: Hammer Ratchet And Arson Pearl

Hammer Ratchet:

The new Ratchet really tightens your grip on the lanes. Crank it up and watch this ball turn!

Crank your performance up a notch with the Hammer Ratchet bowling ball! Add the perfect tool to your bowling arsenal. The Hammer Ratchet combines a modified version of our M.P.A. core with a hybrid version of our Grand Theft Reactive II coverstock. The Hammer Ratchet has enough twist to turn through the mid-lane on medium to medium-heavy oil patterns.

The Ratchet is currently selling for $149.99 and rates a 205.2.

Hammer Arson Pearl:

The Arson Pearl gives you HammerHeads the perfect ball for medium oil and longer patterns without too much volume. If you're looking for length with a strong, controllable backend reaction, this is an amazing choice!

Sometimes you want your fire to burn a bit longer before scorching the backends. The perfect match is the Hammer Arson Pearl! Last year Hammer set fire to oily lane conditions with the Arson. Now Arson Pearl is ready to light up the lanes when the Arson has burned them up. Arson Pearl uses a new Max-Corner Pearl coverstock to backend harder on medium oil lane conditions.

The Arson Pearl is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 181.8.