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New Releases: Columbia 300 Swerve GT & Sideswipe

By: 06/24/2016

Columbia Swerve GT:

The ​Swerve GT follows in the footsteps of the Swerve and Swerve FX. The Swerve core has become known for the angle its able to create on the backend. Adding a hybrid version of the Reflex coverstock allows the Swerve GT to fit perfectly between the two prior releases. If you're looking to try the Swerve line, go with the GT first as it's the perfect blend of both the Swerve and FX.

Burn out the competition with the Columbia 300 Swerve GT.

Featuring HyperSHOCK technology which delivers maximum energy right where you want it, the Swerve GT continues the Swerve Line with the low RG/High differential Swerve core.

Covered with the Reflex Hybrid coverstock, the Swerve GT delivers motion between where the Swerve and Swerve FX left off. Finished with a Matte 500/2000 Abralon surface, the Swerve GT brings powerful overall hook to the game like never before.

Here's what Columbia 300 has to say about the Swerve GT

Our NEW Hybrid Reflex cover offers the best of both worlds with strong mid lane traction and down lane continuation.

The Swerve GT is currently selling for $154.99 and rates a 226.8.

Columbia Sideswipe:

The Sideswipe is a brand new addition to the Columbia line which features a new, symmetric core. The new Sideswipe core has a medium RG and differential, for maximum versatility. The proven Bend-It Pearl coverstock gives great length and backend reaction.

Make your opponents hit the pavement and keep going with the Columbia 300 Sideswipe.

The all-new Sideswipe core features a medium 2.50 RG with a medium-high 0.041 differential, which makes this core suitable for retaining energy while still being controllable and predictable through its motion.

Encased in the Bend-It Pearl Coverstock, this ball with go long and hit hard on medium oil. Finished to a mean 500/1000 Grit Abralon with Factory Finish Polish, the Sideswipe will work its way out of the corners.

Here's what Columbia has to say about the Sideswipe:

The ALL NEW Sideswipe core in our proven Bend-It Pearl coverstock gives the Columbia 300 Yellow Line Collection a ball with great length and a strong, but predictable backend motion.

The Sideswipe is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 199.5.


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