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New Release: Track Mako Bowling Ball

By: 1/16/2017

Track Mako:

Bowlers have been asking for a solid version of the Paradox. Well, Track did one better with the addition of the Mako. The Mako uses the dual density core technology from the Paradox line but paired with the strongest coverstock from Track. The sanded, solid reactive coverstock makes this the perfect choice for heavy oil conditions.

Only a predator of this caliber is capable of such a quick strike in heavy oil. The Track Mako.

The new Mako core follows in the footsteps of the Paradox by offering Track's 2nd dual density core design. The dual densities allow the designers to create a more exact ball reaction. Low RG and High Differential for max response in oil.

The QR-10 Solid is the strongest coverstock in the Track lineup, offering amazing traction in oil. With this cover/core combination, you will see a ball that reads the lane through the oil which creates proper angle and strong, smooth continuation through the pins.

Here's what Track has to say about the Mako:

Our new lane predator, the Mako, features the second generation of dual density core. We wrapped a stronger coverstock around it to create a heavy oil monster. Unleash a ferocious attack on the pins.

The Mako is currently selling for $164.99 and rates a 232.9.


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