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New Release: Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

By: 1/16/2017

Storm Timeless:

The Storm Timeless is a collaboration between Storm Bowling and Jason Belmonte, 3-time PBA Player of the Year. The Timeless provides amazing length but with an extremely controllable backend reaction. Belmo describes it as if a Hy-Road and IQ Tour had a baby. If you've ever thrown these two balls, you'll know that this is an amazing combination. This is the first ball designed with two handed bowlers in mind, but is amazing for any style.

Storm and Jason Belmonte have teamed up to create a ball reaction for the ages in the Storm Timeless.

Belmo came to Storm and told him of his desire to create a specific ball reaction based off of his time on the PBA tour and bowling in international events. The mindset was to create a ball motion that has never been seen before. The result was the Timeless.

Introducing the new Dual-Drive symmetric core, which features a high RG and high differential for maximum energy retention and backend reaction. This is a totally unique core shape that is different from anything Storm has ever done, and is the reason that this ball has such a different ball reaction.

Storm wanted to cover this core with the same coverstock from Belmo's favorite ball, the Hy-Road. The Hy-Road used the R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock, finished at 1500 Grit Polished, and so does the Timeless. This is a ball that is designed for every bowler, no matter the style.

Here's what Storm Bowling has to say about the Timeless:

The Timeless is the first in this series. It features the Dual-Drive weight block. It’s a bit of a hybrid between a true weight block only design and a weight block within a core design. Confused yet? The idea is that we took the best of both worlds to give you the ultimate in ball reaction for all styles of players.

The Timeless is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 227.2.


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