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New Release: Storm Pitch Blue Bowling Ball 1/28/16

Storm Pitch Blue:

The Storm Pitch Blue is the follow up to the amazing Pitch Black that has been dominating PBA events. The Pitch Blue features a pearl version of the Controll Plus coverstock of which the solid version was used on the Pitch Black. The pearl coverstock, paired with the same Capacitor core, will give bowlers more length but with the same controllability. Expect to see this ball a lot on TV and when the lanes get tough anywhere!

Make a clean getaway on tricky lanes with the Storm Pitch Blue!

The Capacitor core makes its triumphant return with the Pitch Blue. Featuring a medium-high RG and a lower differential, this ball is all about control and working on tricky conditions.

Combined with the all-new Controll Plus Pearl Urethane coverstock, this ball makes it through the heads cleaner than the Pitch Black. Finished to a 2000-grit Abralon matte finish, the Blue Pearl beauty comes through for the cleanest escape you've seen.


Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Pitch Blue:
Storm’s new Pitch Blue™ combines proven technology principles of yesterday with modern day science. The result is a new Controll™ Plus pearl urethane coverstock that is cleaner through the heads than the original Pitch Black and more responsive at the break point. It’s a must for every tournament player.

The Pitch Blue is currently selling for $124.99 and rates a 140.6.