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New Release: Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball 1/27/16

Storm Alpha Crux:

The new Storm Alpha Crux is the definition of a TRUE heavy oil ball. The Catalyst core, made famous in the original Crux, is one of the most dynamic cores in history. It provides maximum flare and leverage. Pairing this with the new GI-16 Solid coverstock will give bowlers the ultimate early rolling bowling ball for the heaviest conditions you'll ever see.

Show your dominance on the lanes with the Alpha Crux.

The proven Catalyst core has the dynamic asymmetric core that everyone's been talking about. It's forgiving to you and anything but forgiving to the competition. Combined with the GI-16 Solid Reactive Coverstock which furthers the Lock's GI-15 Hybrid, this ball cuts through oil like it's nothing to deliver a hard hit on even the most flooded lanes.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Alpha Crux:

Immaculately finished with a 2000-grit Abralon pad, the new Alpha Crux is the perfect vessel to showcase the GI-16 solid reactive coverstock. Following up on the GI-15 (Game Improvement-2015) coverstock introduced on the Lock, the solid GI-16 is a force to be reckoned with. There is discontent for oil in its veins. In its DNA lies caverns of porosity and cliffs so deep that the shell acts like oars on a canoe helping your ball turn the corner on command.

The Alpha Crux is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 232.9.