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New Release: Radical Ridiculous Bowling Ball 9/30/2015

Radical Ridiculous:

The Radical Ridiculous is the perfect ball for difficult shorter/lighter oil patterns. This ball has enough length but such a smooth, predictable backend reaction. This ball will keep you out of trouble when the lanes get tough. You don't have to worry about it jumping on the backend and leaving you a nasty split.

It's time to get downright ludicrous with the Radical Ridiculous Bowling Ball!

The Symmetric with Scoop Technology core features a medium-RG/high differential core that delivers ease through the heads and deliver and absolutely crazy backend reaction.

The coverstock is finished to a 500 Siaair Micro Pad/Royal Compound shine which helps it achieve this length and energy conservation to the pins. Be prepared for Ridiculous scores with the Ridiculous from Radical.

Here's what Radical has to say about the Ridiculous:

The Radical Ridiculous delivers a new ball motion that is sure to turn heads. Our goal was to impact backend reaction the way the Guru line has impacted the hook dimension of the game, and with the Ridiculous, we are pleased to deliver a new performance ball that produces insanely strong backend reaction.

The Ridiculous is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 190.8.