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New Release: Radical Guru Supreme Bowling Ball 10/15/2015

The Guru Supreme sets the standard for hook potential in the history of the Radical line. This ball flat out hooks in oil. What's great about the Guru Supreme is that even though this is a hook monster, it's not relegated only to super oily conditions. Most oilers will hook way too early to be used on anything other than heavy oil, burning up and losing energy at the pins. The Guru Supreme doesn't have that problem. It gets down the lane, unbelievably strong midlane and a crazy strong, smooth backend reaction. School your opponents with the Guru Supreme!

Bring supremacy to the lanes with the Radical Guru Supreme.

The new Guru Supreme takes the Asymmetric with Offset and Scoop Technology from the Guru, Guru Mighty, and Guru Master in order to make a ball with length but a fantastic backend reaction for the heaviest of oil conditions.

This original core shape is combined with a brand new coverstock with Black/Light Blue Solid coloration finished to a matte 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad finish, which gives this ball plenty of bite for getting through heavy oil.

Show your unequivocal superiority with the Guru Supreme.

Here is what Radical Bowling has to say about the Guru Supreme:

Many will ask what is too much hook, and the Guru Supreme should help us find out. Using our proven Guru core, we amped up the ball motion with the use of a new resin formulation, and the results open up a new world of performance for the Radical product line. The Guru Supreme... more hook and more Radical than ever before.

The Guru Supreme is currently selling for $149.99 and rates a 231.0.
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