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New Release: Radical Guru Mighty Bowling Ball

The Radical Guru Mighty knows the key to strike.

The Guru Mighty bowling ball is the newest edition to the Radical Top Shelf line.

The same core that was featured in the original Guru is present again in the Guru Mighty. This Low RG and High Differential core provides maximum hook and a strong read throughout the lane.

Pair this with the new Guru Hybrid coverstock finished at 500/4000 grit matte and you've got a ball with good length through the heads and a strong, angular, controllable backend reaction. When the Guru is hooking too early or burning up, switch to the Guru Mighty.

Radical's current Top Shelf line features the Guru and now the Guru Mighty.

Buy The Radical Guru Mighty Bowling Ball Now

Radical Guru Mighty Bowling Ball