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New Release: Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire

Lane #1 has created the new standard when it comes to backend reaction. Things are starting to heat up and if you don't want to get burnt, you had better get one of these while they're hot. You won't want your competitors to have this kind of power in their hands unless you're wielding the same thing!

Lane #1 is about to detonate a new Time Bomb and this one is hotter than the original! The Time Bomb Black Fire is going to set the bowling world ablaze and incinerate the pins! Introducing the new Power Snap 17 Light Load Particle coverstock. Wrapped around the explosive Time Bomb's hour glass inverted diamond core, the new Time Bomb Black Fire is ready to torch the competition! P.S. Remember...Nothing cuts through pins better then a Saw!!

The Time Bomb Black Fire is currently selling for $174.99 and rates a 216.9.

Release Date is 11/22/10