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New Release: Lane #1 Big Curve

Lane #1 brought the sexiest ball reaction available on the market with the Curve. But now they've introduced a ball with a hook even bigger and sexier than the Curve - the Big Curve! If you need a ball that will take charge of the heavy oil and seduce the pins into laying down, then the Big Curve is just what you're looking for!!

Lane #1's sexy Curve now has a big brother for protection. Introducing the Lane # 1 Big Curve. The Curve handles all medium oil conditions, but when the oil comes down heavy, the BIG CURVE steps in. When there is big oil, the BIG CURVE shows off its Big Muscles. If you want Big scores, you need to throw a BIG CURVE ball! With the new Pure Explosion 9.6 and proven Back Cut Asymmetric Patented Diamond Core, this is the most aggressive ball EVER from Lane #1! P.S. Remember... Nothing cuts through pins better than a Saw!!

The Big Curve is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 219.9.