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New Release: Hammer Spike Black/Gold Bowling Ball

The newest addition to the Hammer Spike line is the Spike Black/Gold. Featuring a hybrid reactive coverstock with the same core that has been successful in previous Spike releases. High RG High Differential Nasty core gives this ball a strong but controllable reaction on medium-dry lanes. When the lanes get tough you need a ball that will read the lane and react consistently. That's exactly what you've got with the Spike Black/Gold.

Drive home strikes with the Hammer Spike bowling ball!
The Spike features Hammer's High RG High Differential Nasty core paired with a hybrid version of the Taboo Jet Black coverstock to provide the most controllably aggressive backend reaction on medium/dry lanes.
Here's what Hammer has to say about the Spike Black/Gold:
The Spike uses a high RG, high Differential core system that gives Hammer bowlers a new look at conquering drier lanes. Combined with the new carbon fiber outer core this ball is unstoppable. With our new technology we include a new 3-year warranty.

The Spike Black/Gold is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 154.90.