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New Release: Hammer Black Widow Assassin

The Black Widow Assassin is a ball that many Hammer enthusiasts have been waiting for... a new and more fierce Black Widow. This ball definitely lives up to the hype. This ball is smooth off your hand and skids across the front of freshly oiled lanes effortlessly, retaining it's energy well to start a hard arc and backend motion. You will not be disappointed with this ball.

The legend has returned! Hammer's most successful line of bowling balls, the Black Widow, is back and deadlier than ever!

Black Widow Assassin pairs up two of our most popular components ever - the Widow core and the First Blood coverstock. Sanded in a 1000 grit polished finish, the Black Widow Assassin is one of the most aggressive and continuous hooking balls in the market today.

The famous Gas Mask core motion paired with a super strong modern coverstock will provide one of the meanest reactions you'll ever see!

12 and 13 pounds have a Generic Symmetric Core. There will be no Mass Bias marking.

The Black Widow Assassin is currently selling for $149.99 and rates a 208.9.