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New Release: DV8 Vandal Bowling Ball 6/22/2015

DV8 Vandal:

The Vandal brings a new reaction shape to the DV8 lineup. It's the "hockey stick" hook motion that is highly sought after in the bowling world. Great length with a strong but easy to read backend reaction. We like to call it 'Controlled Angularity'. The Vandal is perfect for Medium-Heavy oil conditions and should be one of the most versatile balls in DV8's lineup. If you're wanting to try your first DV8 ball, this is where you should start.

Leave Your Mark with the DV8 Vandal.

The Vandal Asymmetric Core features a low-RG/High differential/Medium Mass Bias Differential core designed to get moving through a variety of lane conditions. It'll deliver the hook and backend flip you've been wanting over a multitude of conditions.

Wrapped with the all new Composite Pearl coverstock, this ball will deliver on wet/dry, flooded, and whatever conditions in between you put it on. Finished to a 500 Siaair, Royal Compound finish, the pins will end up as "black and blue" as the ball is.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Vandal:

The blue/black Vandal also features our new Composite coverstock matched with the new Vandal asymmetric core to provide outstanding all-purpose ball motion with aggressive backend flip. The Vandal offers incredible versatility on a wide variety of lane conditions.

The Vandal is currently selling for $134.99 and rates a 210.8.