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New Release: DV8 Thug Life Bowling Ball 9/30/2015

DV8 Thug Life:

The new Thug Life from DV8 is one bad mamma jamma! Featuring the newest coverstock technology from DV8, Composite Pearl, and the same Thug Low RG Asymmetric Core from other Thug releases. This ball has the strongest backend reaction of any ball DV8 has ever created. The Thug Life doesn't sneak around... it gives a big swinging cross to the jaw of the pins!

Show that your way of life is more than just a catch phrase with the DV8 Thug Life.

The all-new Composite Pearl featured on the Vandal makes its triumphant return to the DV8 Thug Life, finished to a 500 Siaair/Royal Compound finish. The Blue/Silver/Neon Green colors show that this ball isn't for the faint of heart and certainly has an attitude problem.

This aggressive coverstock is wrapped around the Thug Low RG Asymmetric core, which has a medium RG/high differential/high MB differential to deliver a breakneck backend after great length through the heads.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Thug Life:

The blue/silver/neon green Thug Life features a Composite Pearl coverstock matched with the Thug Low RG asymmetric core to provide impressive length with plenty of backend bite. The Thug Life produces excellent length with impressive backend reaction making it an excellent option for playing open angles and deeper inside lines.

The Thug Life is currently selling for $149.99 and rates a 231.8.